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About Me

I am an ambitious individual and enjoy being stimulated by new activities and tasks.

I am constantly seeking an opportunity to challenge myself and learn new areas related to computer programming, as well as the computer field in general.  It is my feeling at this time, that having an opportunity to work in the computer field will further enhance my proficiency and offer growth, as well as expose me to the professional work environment. I feel my education and work experience have prepared me to be a competitive job applicant.


I have traveled to many locations near and abroad and have enjoyed learning about other countries and their cultural and creative differences.  While traveling to Paris, Honolulu, and Toronto, I have grown intellectually, culturally, and historically aware of the wide range of people and lifestyles around the world.  This has given me an awareness of cultures and sensitivity to diversity.


I currently play for a recreational Ice Hockey team, where I enjoy the teamwork ethic, we all share, and the fun we have playing.

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